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Leadership and Reputation Strategist, Content Media Executive, Marie-Alix de Putter is an published author and an award-winning Communication Leader for Africa who was born in Paris and raised in Cameroon. Marie-Alix is the Co-founder and Executive Director of The Okwelians, a Think Do Tank bringing together more than 125 Cameroonian men and women, spread over four continents and eager to promote, through ethical leadership, a culture of social innovation in Cameroon.

Senior Executive with more than 12 years’ experience in Corporate Communication and Public Affairs within both the public and private sectors. Entrepreneur and very invested in the development of the African continent, she co- created The Sisters Invest, a network of female business angel which invests in projects led by African female entrepreneurs in 2017.


Aware of women issues in literature, Marie-Alix launched ‘myreadingchallenge54, to encourage people to read the work of 54 African female writers from 54 African countries in 54 weeks.

Since July 2019, she produces and hosts “T
he Marie-alix Podcast”, a personal and authentic conversation with an inspiring woman, speaking candidly about her life and the books that inspired her. She is also the producer and co-host of « Reviewing Africa » a live show where African experts from across the continent provide their perspective and insights on the pressing news stories shaping Africa.

<< Marie-Alix, three Masters degrees, one Executive MBA, Harvard certified “Authentic Leader”, 12 years experience in corporate communication and public affairs and one Award. It is so easy to introduce oneself that way since society requires more and more titles, degrees and social recognition. However, I am less interested in having than in being. One should rather see me as an imperfect human being who loves to tell stories and to use her voice to inspire others.

PS : I am an incorrigible feminist, and people tend to call me ‘passionate’ (which is entirely fair!).

Les entrepreneures, championnes du remboursement de prêts

Les entrepreneures, championnes du remboursement de prêts

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